Corgis and Cats, Do They Get Along?

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Corgis are Active, athletic small dogs that are well known to get along and enjoy the companionship of humans, but do they get along with cats?

Corgis get along with cats just fine. They are herding dogs, bred to interact with other animals and they can be properly socialized to coexist with a cat in the same household.

You could experience an exciting high-speed chase around your house with loud barking, and the cat will likely love the high energy environment and the enthusiasm of the corgi.

At first, a corgi could chase the cat as they love chasing anything that moves, but this does not mean that they want to harm your cat.

Although a cat could be afraid of the corgi at first, with the right steps taken in introducing them, they could get along once they notice that the corgi is just being friendly.

In this blog post, we will be delving into what you need to take note of before bringing these two pets together to ensure you are successful at the end of the day.

Let’s get started.

Types of Corgis

The Pembroke Welsh corgi is an adorable, small dogs with furry trunks and strong legs, and they have been Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dog breed.

Although this is a small dog, it possesses the confidence of a large dog and could stand tall with poise.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are closely related, and the Pembroke originates from Wales while the Cardigan originated from the British Isles.

The key physical difference between these two is their tails.

The Cardigan has a larger, fox-like tail that hangs off their bum while the Pembroke has a shorter, almost non-visible tail tucked close to their bum.

The Corgi and a Cat’s personality

Your Corgi dog could love you and will want to play with you most of the time.

Cats are playful, and you could enjoy the high energy brought to your home with the combination of both the kitties and the corgi.

A Corgi would enjoy accompanying you as you do your everyday activities, and cats, on the other hand, might not mind staying alone. Both a cat and Corgi will complement each other.

The Corgi is a smart dog, and it could do well with training, and this can help it blend in well with the cats without harming them.

How to Introduce a Corgi to a Cat

It is best to get the first introduction right, don’t be hesitant to throw these two together and hope they get along just fine.

Getting it right from the start makes it easier to prevent the development of any negative association with one another.

Here are some key tips and valuable steps to get you started:

· Understand your pet’s personality

It is important to realize that every individual pet might exhibit a different personality trait.

This can be as a result of their early-stage training and socialization, how long they spent with their mother, the conditions of their upbringing, and that of their owners.

This applies for both a cat and a Corgi, understanding how your current pet behaves can put you at an advantage to really succeed.

· Swap scents

Both the cat and Corgi, assimilate a lot of their surrounding with their sense of smell, this is a feature you can take advantage of while introducing them.

You may switch their sleeping blankets so that the cat can get used to the scents of the Corgi.

You may also rub a towel on a Corgi and put the towel underneath the dish of the cat to make the cat used to the smell of the dog.

It would help if you also swapped a towel that belongs to a cat to the Corgi dog so they can get used to the smell of the cat.

This would help in establishing familiarity when they finally get to meet each other.

· Make the first meeting quick

Ensure that you give your Corgi or cat at least 30 minutes to get acquainted with its new home before the initial meeting, to avoid creating stress.

This should be done alone, without the other pet present in the room or at home.

It is at this stage that the initial swapping of scents becomes important as either your Corgi or cat can start to recall and familiarize themselves with the other’s scent.

On getting them face-to-face, provide a barrier, especially if your Corgi is energetic and jumpy. The goal is to give your cat a sense of safety.

Keep the physical introduction short, while gradually increasing the exposure time.

You should be patient as this could take more weeks if the cat is afraid or extremely weary.

· Do not let them work their issues on their own

At first, a corgi could chase the cat around, and this might be stressful for your cat.

Although the corgi could be playing around without the intention of harming the cat, it could create a debauched rapport from the start, and the cat could want to create its boundary.

You should ensure that you create a friendly environment where both animals could interact peacefully.

You could do this by keeping your Corgi on a leash when they are with the cat.

You could also create an escape routine for the cat when they feel threatened by the Corgi’s chase.

This can be done by preparing high platforms that are above the ground and away from your Corgis reach for your cat to go to.

You should reward both the Corgi and the cat when they finally develop positive behavior towards each other.

· Switch living areas

Once the dog gets used to its litter box, you can switch the sleeping areas; this could get the animals to get used to each other’s scent.

The switch might allow the animals to know each other more, and this could create a sense of familiarity.

This could also reduce the feelings of aggression and reduces animosity between the animals.

How to introduce a cat to a corgi

A cat could be territorial, and introducing them to a corgi should be done slowly to prevent aggression and negative behavior.

You do not have to place the cat with the dog immediately.

You may confine them in one room with safe zones and higher grounds that could make the cats feel safe.

Feed both the new cat with the corgi in the same room, but you should create a safe distance with your cat being feed on a platform, higher from the ground.

This can make the cat associate the Corgi with something enjoyable, such as a meal, and this will reduce aggression.

They could start getting used to each other’s scents, and in a controlled environment, it could lead to a positive relationship.

Corgi and Cat Living Together

Now you have finally gotten them to meet each other and familiarize themselves with one another, it is important to create a conducive living situation for them.

Below are some key steps to take to ensure you have a conducive, non-threatening, and amazing cohabitating home for your cat and Corgi.

· Create safe zones in the house

A cat could tolerate a corgi when it feels safe, and they could soon see that the dog means no harm and just wants to play.

Create a safe space that is above the ground where the cat could escape to when it is afraid.

The cat could observe your Corgi from the safe zone until it is confident enough to interact with it.

This also applies to your Corgi; creating an area in your home exclusively for your pooch when they need an alone time would be very beneficial.

It could be a playpen or a crate, stocked with a comfortable bed and lots of their favorite toys.

· Create different feeding and sleeping zones

You could want both the corgi and the cat to eat peacefully and way from each other as the corgi could tease the cat during feeding time.

It is also important to note that dogs would eat a cat’s food if left unsupervised or are poorly trained.

They should sleep in different areas, this would make the cat feel like they are still in control of their environment.

Nevertheless, if your cat prefers sleeping around your pooch and he/she doesn’t mind, you can allow that to happen but never force it on them.

Corgi and Cat eating together from a bowl
Corgi and Cat eating together from a bowl

· Command and train

Corgis were bred as herding dogs and are smart, easy to train, and follow commands well. This could be an advantage for you.

You could create a command that helps them stop behaving in a certain way towards or around the cat.

A Corgi could be more comfortable and easier to train than your cat, and you should focus much attention on making it tolerate the cat.

· Provide attention to both pets

The Corgi could be a lot of fun to play with, but this should not make you neglect your cat, as your cat should feel appreciated and loved.

Provide the cat with what they need, and it would be prudent to treat them both with equal attention and love.

However, if the cat did not initially love being petted, it could be a bad idea to start it as this could make him/her more stressed.

What if they never get along?

We never hope for conflict to arise during cohabitation but it is important to not rule it out.

Your Corgi or cat might never get used to the presence of this other pet and this might be due to being territorial or aggressive.

In this case, it is important to understand what might be the triggers creating this conflict as it would help you get a better understanding of how to possibly resolving it.

If this condition persists, it will be wise to seek the advice and intervention of a vet specialized in ethology.

Don’t be disheartened if it turns out they are incompatible, as it could be the case, it is more important to provide a stress-free life for our individual pets, even if it means letting one go.

The Bottom Line

The Corgi dog could exist peacefully with your cat, and it is better to introduce them earlier when they are still young puppies.

They could both become playful in the house with high energy. Although your cat could be afraid of the corgi at first, they could become more accommodating with your supervision and training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few frequently asked questions you might be interested in knowing.

Can a Corgi impregnate a Cat? Dogs cannot impregnate cats, as both animals are different mammal species.

Can Corgis eat Cat Food? Dogs can eat cat food but it is advisable to prevent this from happening because cat food is usually high in fat and protein and this could lead to diabetes, pancreatitis, or tummy upset in dogs if eaten in excess.

Can a Corgi and a Cat become best friends? Absolutely yes! Corgis and cats can become the best of friends.

This is often the case when both are raised together from their early puppy and kitten ages.

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