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TinyWoofs is a website founded for the sole purpose of sharing, teaching and educating intending and current owners of small dog breeds everything they need to know, from the various types of Small/Toy Dog Breeds to Grooming, Nutrition, Health and Training as regards to Small/Toy Dog Breeds.

The quality of the information shared is top of our priority and we judiciously research our articles from authoritative sources while collaborating with veterinarians, groomers, and animal behaviorists. We welcome feedback and information from the general public to help improve the quality of our articles where necessary.

For feedbacks and inputs, you can reach us via hello@tinywoofs.com

The information provided is for informative purposes only and it does not replace professional guidance or a need to seek professional intervention.

Editorial Team

Michael Onuoha |Chief Editor

I am an avid dog lover, who became intrigued by small dog breeds after I spent over a week taking care of my friend’s Bichon Frisé and Lhasa Apso hybrid named Ghost.

Over time I witness my mere curiosity grow to an obsession, which evolved to the consideration of owning a small dog breed and finally being a co-parent/owner to a beautiful Spitz, Freya.

In the quest to educate myself and understand all there is to know about small dogs, I have taken the under listed classes and gotten certified.

Inside Your Dog’s Mind with Victoria Stilwell – by Victoria Stilwell, a Dog Trainer & Behavior Expert.

Dog CPR, First Aid + Safety for pet pros + dedicated owners – by Melanie Monteiro, a Dog safety expert, author and pet first aid instructor.

Rock Your Dog’s Diet Crash Course – by Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS, a Canine Nutritionist and Fresh Food Formulator.

Natural Dog Nutrition & Wellbeing – Nature Knows Best! – by Daniel Coutts, a Natural Dog Nutrition Advocate & Passionate Pet Owner

There is an ever ending need to know more, this motivates me to keep pushing as i embark on more knowledge gathering, whilst sharing everything i know.

Praise Isaac |Guest Writer

General pet lover and mother of two lovely dogs, I felt the need to share things I know and learning. Feeding and taking care of my dogs has availed me of the experience that I am willing to provide.

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