Do Cavachons Shed? All You Need To Know

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Does an allergy prevent you from enjoying the companionship of a dog? You might have seen a Cavachon and wondered if they are hypoallergenic.

So, do Cavachons shed?
Cavachons are one of the designer dogs that do not shed often but might shed occasionally to take off some old coat. Being a mixed breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise, they are quite unpredictable since the Cavalier sheds a little while the Bichon is almost a non-shedding breed.

Even so, Cavachons exhibit their characteristics depending on which parent breed is dominant.

Therefore, most Cavachons are found to be low-shedding especially when the Bichon Frise is the dominant parent.

In this blog post, I will be breaking down the general genetic makeup and characteristics of Cavachon’s fur/hair, how to maintain it, reasons a Cavachon could be shedding excessively amongst other things.

Let’s get started

The Cavachon Genetic Makeup

The amount of hair a Cavachon could shed would depend on the predominant coat type that it inherited from the Cavalier-Bichon mix.

The genetic makeup could vary from one Cavachon dog to another, and this could depend on what inherited from the parents as the dogs are a hybrid mixed breed.

Bichons hardly shed their hair while Cavaliers shed a little hair, the amount of shedding your dog gets could fall between the two parents.

You could be fortunate if your dog inherited most of the coat characteristics from a Bichons than that of the Cavalier as they could shed little hair.

Before purchasing a Cavachon dog, it would be wise to research the quality of their coat, especially if you are looking for a dog that does not shed their hair.

Breeders could freely offer this information when you ask about the history of the dog.

Although Cavachon is still new designer dogs, there has been more research, and breeders would have all the information about it.

A Cavachon dog might not shed much of its coat throughout the year, but you may witness extra shedding in the fall and spring seasons.

The Cavachon could be getting rid of its hair that may have grown during the winter.

They may grow a lot in winter as a means of protection against the extreme cold.

The coat could blow out during the spring, even if the dog is classified as a non-shedding.

Finally, the Cavachon might not get affected by drastic weather changes, but minimal shedding could be seen in spring and fall and least shedding during winter.

Reasons A Cavachon Could Be Shedding Excessively

There could be various reasons why a Cavachon could be shedding, ranging from poor nutrition to parasitic infection and genetic makeup.

1. Poor Nutrition

When your Cavachon dog does not get the required nutrition, it could lead to issues such as shedding for this non-shedding dog.

Nutrients could affect the quality of the coat and further lead to unhealthy fur that could fall off the skin. Their diet could include eggs, meat, and vegetables that promote better skin health.

If you feel your Cavachon could require supplementary nutrients, consult a veterinary doctor before acquiring any dietary supplements.

Dog hair from brushing
Dog hair from brushing

2. Parasitic Infection

Some Cavachon dogs could get infected by fleas and other parasites, which might affect their skin condition, leading to intensive shedding.

Your Cavachon dog could scratch their skin excessively when they have fleas, and this could affect the quality of the fur.

If they develop these skin or fur problems, take them to the vet to get checked and most likely get medications for them.

The Cavachon Coat

The Cavachon coat is long-coated, and it gets this genetic quality from their parents, who are both long-haired dogs.

Their coat is silky, and depending on the genetic mix of both the Cavalier and Bichon, and they could also possess slightly wavy coats.

Cavachons coat color comes in various types, the most popular are white, black, tan, and some could have apricot markings.

As earlier mentioned, the Cavachon coat is non-shedding, and this is attributed to the qualities of both the parents.

Grooming your Cavachon

Grooming a Cavachon coat could help maintain their happiness, health, and general well-being.

You could avoid problems like tangles, fleas, debris, and hair shedding, and it would be great practice to brush their coat frequently.

Brushing would help with optimum blood flow on the skin of your Cavachon dog.

When your dog gets oxygenated skin, it could distribute natural oils that help soften the coat and hair, thus preventing shedding.

If the bathing and grooming tools are properly used, the Cavachon would enjoy the grooming, and that could be a great time to bond with the dog.

Removing tangles

If you do not brush your Cavachon promptly, they could develop matted hair, which could be an issue for the overall look, hygiene, and health of the skin.

Even though the Cavachon is non-shedding, the hair could tangle, and this could lead to excessive shedding.

You could use your fingers on a Cavachon’s hair to remove matted hair, which leads to less damage to its hair.

If its hair is over grown, it becomes prone to matting. It is therefore necessary to trim the hair to manage shedding.


You should bathe the Cavachon dog at least once a month; if the dog gets stinky, it could be prudent to wash it often as needed.

It would be better to use approved and safe canine shampoo on Cavachon dogs, as the dog’s shampoos often have different PH compared to human shampoo, and they would least irritate a dog’s skin or harm its coat.

Bathing the Cavachon could begin with proper brushing and making the dog sit in a bathtub, which has a nozzle for spraying the dog after washing.

You should wet the Cavachon, apply shampoo, and allow for proper lathering, then work on their coat outwards and downwards.

You should pay attention to other parts of the Cavachon like the ears, belly, head, and face.

It would help your dog if you repeated the process using a canine conditioner that soothes their coat.

You may wish to style the hair of your Cavachon, and it could be better if you looked at the styles of their purebred parents.

Establish a resemblance sheet for both the dog and its purebred parents and style their hair similar to that of the closely related parent.

The resemblance could also help you know how much he dog could shed its hair.


Do Puppy Cavachons Shed?

Puppy Cavachons, just like their adult counterparts, are also non-shedding.

Their coat might feel lighter and be less fuller, that doesn’t mean they would shed more than adult Cavachons

Is shedding uncomfortable for dogs?

Shedding, when it happens naturally, without the influence of maybe a skin disease or a parasite infection, is not uncomfortable for dogs.

It is arguable that dogs could possibly be unaware of their hair being shedded as they do not pose any form of discomfort to them.


Cavachon is non-shedding designer dogs that have long and silky hair, and they could be best for people who want hypo-allergic dogs.

Although Cavachons could shed little hair during fall and spring, the amount of hair loss could be so little to affect a person who has an allergy.

It is prudent to practice better grooming and to trim your Cavachon’s hair to help the dog get a healthy coat.

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