Can Morkies Swim? All You Have To Know

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Are you wondering if your Morkie can accompany you swimming at the pool or lake? Is this a factor you might be considering before getting a morkie?

Can Morkies swim?
Yes, Morkies can swim and if well trained, they can be great swimmers. They tend to enjoy the water if taught to swim from an early age. 

There are a couple of things you’d need to know before you take your Morkie out into the water and in this blog post, we will be covering some of the important ones.

This mixed breed of the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier is known to inherit some of the best features of its parents and can be very energetic, requiring daily exercises.

Swimming is known as a great way to exercise our pooches while still have fun with them. With that being said, teaching your Morkie to swim can be a great way to exercise them while fostering a healthy bond.

Morkies are excellent swimmers; however, swimming cramps tend to occur when tired, over-stretched, and over-exhausted. Just about any dog can swim, and Morkies are pretty good swimmers as well. When in water, Morkies tends to doggie paddle.

Furthermore, they have fewer things going for them; these make them moderately good swimmers. Morkies have a great body and light bones, which help them float, unlike other breeds such as bulldogs or pugs. In this article, we shall be discussing more Morkies and swimming.

Do Morkies love swimming?

Yes, Morkies love swimming. Due to their light bone and sleek body, Morkies are natural swimmers; in addition to that, they have a coat of silky hair, which is a plus when it comes to swimming.

Dog breeds with thick double coat fur are often not good swimmers since it will weigh them down.

Morkies are tiny and adorable and affectionate crossbreed; they love people and often get along with other pets. Breeders have managed to combine two breeds; the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrie and came up with Morkies; these dogs are beautiful and feature loving personalities. There is no doubt that swimming would be a good experience for both you and your dog.

Can morkies swim?
Morkie in a Life Jacket

How to train your Morkies to swim?

Training Morkies to swim is relatively easy; however, there are several essential aspects you will need to keep in mind during the training session. You should always consider planning and take safety precaution measures. With that said, let’s go through some vital techniques used in training Morkies to swim.

Always start with a kiddie pool for your Morkie. It is highly advisable to introduce your Morkie to the pool gradually; by doing so, you will prevent your dog from becoming spooked. Therefore, the kiddie pool is considered the best option as you start training your Morkie. Ensure that the water level is kept a few inches at first and then add in some floating toys.

If your Morkie is comfortable with water, you will progress onto swimming fairly. You should note that swimming tends to come naturally for most dogs; however, they have to be relaxed and comfortable in the water for a starter.

Safety tips when going swimming

Safety should always be your top priority when carrying out any tasks, and taking your Morkie swimming is no different. You will need to keep in mind several essential aspects while taking your dog for a swim. Some of these vital aspects include;

The temperature of the pool

Ensure that the temperature of the pool is 25.5 degrees Celsius or 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though lower temperatures might seem to be sweet and refreshing, below this temperature, it can be too cold for both the dog and humans. It is highly recommended to start training your dog in a warmer pool with a temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius or 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Never toss your Morkie into the water

Although dogs are capable of doing doggie paddle as their survival instinct, this is the last way you can convey swimming as a fun activity to your dog. It would be best if you considered entering the water with your dog allowing them to develop the feeling of being used to the water.

Use a life vest

One of the significant problems of training Morkies to swim is that they can easily swim outside the pool or become tired and find it difficult floating or coming back into the pool.

Therefore, putting on a life vest will help your Morkie develop confidence, allowing them to remain in the water for an extended period allowing you to train them better while keeping them safe.

Use Sunscreen

This might come as a shock to many; however, when training your dog how to swim, you should consider carrying a dog sunscreen. This is because Morkie can sometimes develop a sunburn, and they will get too many ultra-violet rays while swimming since the water will not protect them against the sun.

Rinse your Morkie after swimming

If you were swimming with your Morkie especially in a chlorinated pool, it is highly advisable to immediately rinse your dog after swimming. By doing so, you will be getting rid of those harmful chemicals protecting your dog from both eyes and ear infections.

Ensure that you rinse him or her nicely with dog’s shampoo and a conditioner for approximately 5 minutes.

When it comes to swimming in the pool, the level of chlorine is said to be safe for humans; however, on the other hand, most dogs tend to have eyes and ears that are very sensitive than humans. Therefore, this sensitivity makes most dogs susceptible to chlorine dangers; this means that you should reconsider swimming with your dog in public pools where chlorine levels are said to be a bit high and dangerous for them.

Dogs with floppy ears can develop ear infection as a result of dampness and not chlorine.

Benefits of taking your Morkie swimming

Just like humans, swimming has several advantages for Morkies. Some of the benefits of taking your Morkie swimming include;

Improves overall health

Swimming is considered one of the best complete forms of exercise. A minute of swimming is equivalent to four minutes of running. This means that it offers incredible health benefits, including decreasing inflammation, strengthening the heart and lungs, improve blood circulation, and increase metabolism significantly.

Joint friendly

Compared to most forms of exercises out there, swimming is has a low-impact, non-weight bearing, and non-concussive training. This means that your Morkie will enjoy all benefits without having to put on pressure on the tendons and joints. Swimming helps in relieving the skeletal system from stress.


Swimming is ideal for improving your dog’s overall health and improving their mental well-being significantly. While swimming, Morkies enjoy exercising without a leash on allowing them to enjoy without restrictions.


Warm water swimming helps in relieving pain among dogs, including Morkies. In addition to that, the warm water helps in promoting blood flow and warm up their muscles faster hence reducing the risk of further injury.

Risks involved in taking your Morkie swimming

Swimming with your Morkie is not only fun but also beneficial; however, there are some risks associated with taking your Morkie swimming.

Some of these risks include;

Chlorine Poisoning

When swimming in a pool, your Morkie will be exposed to chlorine. Chlorine is often considered safe for humans; however, exposure to excess chlorine in a pool can result in ear and eye infection when it comes to dogs. Therefore, this is something you need to keep in mind when planning to take your dog swimming.

If you own the pool, you might opt for bromine, which is pet-friendly alternative for disinfecting a pool.

Blue-Green Algae

If you consider going swimming in large water bodies such as a lake, you should always be aware of algae. Unlike chlorine, some algae types, such as cyanobacteria, often known as blue-green algae, can be very toxic to dogs.

These algae can cause your Morkie to fail ill, and in a worst-case scenario, it can result in death. Such algae are common in slow flowing ponds and lakes.


You Morkie can develop an infection when swimming in stagnant waters. There is no doubt that the most stagnant water host diseases and bacteria with leptospirosis being the most common waterborne disease. Furthermore, most Morkies are not vaccinated against this infection since the vaccine is often voluntary.


When swimming in a large water body, such as the beach, your Morkie could ingest the saltwater, resulting in dehydration, diarrhea, and sickness. Therefore, to prevent this, you will need to carry an ample supply of fresh water and a collapsible bowl; you should always encourage your dog not to drink the seawater and instead, the fresh water, to prevent dehydration.

Understanding these risks will help you prevent any accidents or diseases from occurring.

For the maximum safety of your four-legged friend, you should consider adhering to these tips. In addition to that, you should keep in mind that salty water can dehydrate your dog and dry their skin and hair; therefore, to prevent this, you should consider rinsing them with fresh water immediately after a swim and ensure that they rehydrate more often.


Taking your Morkie swimming can present a mixbag of positive and negative events. As elaborated above, you should avoid putting your Morkie in unfavorable conditions while endeavoring to have an amazing bonding experience with your pooch.

To reiterate, Morkies can swim and if properly taught, they can become great swimmers.

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